Our best in class technicians have everything needed to diagnose, repair, and recommend the best care for your prized motorcycle. With 30 years experience, consistent education and upgrading, our mechanics are always ahead of the game so they have the best tools for the job. Whether it be the latest diagnostic tools or most recent course on the ever evolving technology of motorcycles, they stay current and up-to-date so they can deliver YOU the best service possible.

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Service Description

Looking to improve your engine’s performance? There are various ways to achieve this and we can “build to suit your needs”. The following are the main performance jobs your can have done: Basic Performance Upgrade; high-performance Cams; increase the displacement of your engine with a Big Bore Kit & Cams; and last make your heads flow better with Ported Heads.


Now that you have installed a new air cleaner kit & hi-flow exhaust and have re-jetted/re-mapped your engine it’s time to replace your stock Camshaft with a high-performance one to increase your torque & horsepower.

Every motorcycle & its owner is different. It all depends on what you are looking for. More top-end horsepower? More torque? Upgrade stock chain drive to gear drive? It’s best to discuss what your long term goals are so we can ensure the best Cams are installed for your needs.