Our best in class technicians have everything needed to diagnose, repair, and recommend the best care for your prized motorcycle. With 30 years experience, consistent education and upgrading, our mechanics are always ahead of the game so they have the best tools for the job. Whether it be the latest diagnostic tools or most recent course on the ever evolving technology of motorcycles, they stay current and up-to-date so they can deliver YOU the best service possible.

Classy Chassis & Cycles
1399 8th Line of Smith
Lakefield, ON

Service Description

A Major Service is recommended for your motorcycle once you reach the 5,000mi/8,000km and again at 15,000mi/24,000km. With your Major Service we will change your Oil & filter, Primary & Gear oil, & Spark Plugs. We will also Inspect tires Tread Depth and Adjust Air Pressures, Inspect Brakes, Rotors, Pads, Fluids, lines, Check Lighting, Horn Operation, wheels, Spokes( tighten if necessary), Front Wheel Bearings, Steering Head Bearings, Fuel Valve, Lines, Fittings for Leaks, Battery Voltage and Charging System, Throttle Cable Operation and Adjust, Clutch Cable Free play and Adjust, Forks and Shocks