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Trevor is very comprehensive when explaining what can be done when problems arise ... My 14 Limited has a ton of miles and wear & tear of mile age is starting to show. The problem to be serviced was bigger than expected. Trevor showed me exactly what was happening ... then described several options for a remedy. Once the course of action was decided, Zak coordinated everything from parts to order and probable timeline to bring the bike back for the work. Trevor did a great temporary fix so I could keep riding in the meantime. I live 100 miles away, so this is a good thing. They try to have everything ready to go on that day so I can ride there and home the same day. Great service. (Employee: Trevor Cushing, Zak Munn)
Ed Murphy
Thank you so much for the review Ed! Trevor and Zak are terrific at what they do and this sounded like a complex situation all in all and you came out the end a happy customer which is definitely our goal in everything that we do. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us and others about your experience. Safe riding!


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